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Starting this fall, four diploma options will be available to students when it comes to graduation.

Aberdeen Superintendent Becky Guffin reviewed the four diploma options that take effect for all students this fall. Those diploma requirements are outlined in the district policy. Board members approved the first reading at Monday’s board meeting.

  • Aberdeen school district base diploma.
  • Advanced endorsement.
  • Advanced career endorsement.
  • Advanced honors endorsement.

In reviewing the different diplomas, Guffin emphasized that the number of credits required for math, English, science and social studies stays the same for each diploma, as does the number of credits required for graduation. The exception is the advanced honors endorsement, where an additional math and science credit is required. What changes is the course options.

As an example, she said, all students used to be required to take algebra 1, algebra 2 and geometry. That’s still required for the advanced endorsement, but students who earn a base diploma or an advanced career endorsement will be required to take algebra 1 and two other math courses to earn three credits of math. The advanced honors endorsement requires four credits of math — algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry and one other advanced mathematics class.

Guffin said this change allows for different opportunities for students, like allowing an integrated math class as one of the math credits. A shop class that uses math as part of the curriculum could be considered an integrated math class, she said.

All students will be required to take four credits of English, no matter the diploma. How those credits are earned through writing, speech/debate, literature and language arts course varies.

“It gives us an opportunity to have conversations with kids about what they want to do after high school,” Guffin said. “This just provides more flexibility and options for the kids.”

With these requirements, Guffin said, it’s possible and likely that students will earn more than one endorsement, which will be listed on a student’s transcript. Diplomas issued at graduation, she said, will all be the same.

Summer work

Director of Operations Bob Pitz provided an overview of summer work happening at all the district buildings. Work includes:

  • LED lighting improvements at Central High School.
  • Tuck pointing at the District Service Center and Central High School.
  • A library remodeling project at Central High School that includes new paint and carpeting and seating changes to accommodate more students.
  • Asphalt work on the track and drop-off area at Holgate Middle School.
  • Replaced carpeting at various locations.
  • Replaced concrete at various locations. This includes the possibility of additional sidewalk on the north side of Lincoln Elementary School.
  • Concrete work at Swisher Field.
  • Roof replacement work at Simmons Middle School and O.M. Tiffany Elementary School.
  • Kitchen repairs at Central and changes to computer labs at schools.

Pitz said work that’s started is on schedule.

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