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The Idaho’s State Department of Education highlighted three winners of the annual art contest, including a Middleton High School student.

More than 100 young artists submitted artwork to the department’s “Investing in My Future” art contest, according to a Thursday press release. Malad High School students took the top two prizes in the contest, which asked students to draw their dreams for the future. First-place winner Rebekah Smith, a Malad 10th grader, pictured herself in the Oval Office, while 11th grader Emilee Martin took second place with her portrayal of an astronaut floating in space.

Taiva Titsworth, a Middleton High School 11th grader, won third place with a portrait featuring a blank slate and a looming question.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Sherri Ybarra Thursday highlighted the students’ working during her budget presentation to the Legislature’s Joint Finance-Appropriations committee, according to the State Department of Education press release

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“Nearly every entry in the contest we hold each year reflects the hope, optimism, ambition and aspirations of our students’ futures,” Ybarra told lawmakers. “And based on the artwork I received, their future certainly looks bright.”

The State Department of Education continues the annual art contest as a reminder that students’ voices are essential to Idaho public school policies and programs, according to the press release. 

The winning artwork will be displayed at State Department of Education headquarters in Boise and on the State Department of Education’s website.

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