Managing snow days could include e-learning

WARREN, Ohio (WYTV) – Some local school districts had their first snow day of the year Thursday.

Missing school is something teachers and students worry about. Other states are using technology to continue classwork at home when school is out.

A school in South Carolina has already adopted the e-learning policy. Even the loss of power won’t exempt kids from doing their homework. They have up to five days to complete those missed assignments.

E-learning allows students to complete assignments at home using the internet. Warren City School Superintendent Steve Chiaro said he could see how that could work in some districts, but it isn’t something he sees happening in Warren anytime soon.

“We are a couple hundred hours over as far as the minimum required time, and the teachers in Warren City Schools have a longer day than most other districts in our area,” Chiaro said.

In addition to having enough hours in case of harsh weather, he says the snow could stop the e-Learning experience.

“On poor weather days, our internet connection is often impaired at my house. The first thing that would go would be live-streaming, gaming and things of that nature,” Chiaro said.

Chiaro also points to the value of learning in a classroom with a teacher.

“I might be a little more traditional as far as being and educator, but I think we cannot replicate what a teacher can provide in the classroom,” Chiaro said.

E-learning is similar to the blizzard bags concept. Chiaro says his district used them years ago, but it’s not necessary now.

“We decided not to continue doing that practice. We have some waiver days, tentatively, on our schedule moving forward if the winter is particularly harsh,” Chiaro said.

Planning ahead like that is a way for districts to start summer vacation on time.

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