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JEROME — Aimee Mangum, Jennifer Browne and Lisa Peterson are the Jerome School District’s “Excellence in Education” award recipients for February.

Each recipient received a plaque and $50 gift card provided by Jiffy Lube/Burton Group. Recipients are selected by a committee that reviews nominations submitted by employees, parents, students and community members.

Here’s information about each of the three recipients:

Jennifer Browne, teacher at Horizon Elementary School

Browne, who has taught first-grade and kindergarten for nine years at Horizon Elementary School, was nominated by a special education teacher who wrote the following:

“I would like to start this nomination with a quote. Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists that they become the best that they can possibly be. –Rita Pierson This quote sums up the teacher … As a special education teacher, I am in contact with a student’s general education teacher, to ensure that the special education students are getting their academic needs met. Jenni Browne is a teacher that always comes to me to her to ensure that the students are getting their needs met both academically and behaviorally. Jenni and I have shared some severe behavior students through my time here at Horizon Elementary. There are three students that she has had some major impact that we have shared: The first student is in 2nd grade now. He was a high needs student both academically and behaviorally. He repeated first grade. His repeat year in first grade, was with Mrs. Browne … through his time in Mrs. Browne’s class he learned how to be a student. Mrs. Browne took the kid that refused to do his academic work his first year in first grade, to a student reading off his sight words and working his math facts to the best of his abilities in second grade. The next student is now in third grade. He refused to go into his specials (PE & Music), Mrs. Brown and I came up with plans to help this student slowly get into his PE class and music class to participate. He would stand by the doors during this time watching the students. He slowly made his way in to both classes. He is now playing the ukulele with his 3rd grade class in front of an audience for a performance. The third student was an academic need. She was able to keep up with the class at the start of the school year, and the decision was made to keep her in her classroom with Mrs. Browne. She has continued to be successful with Mrs. Browne giving her needed accommodations and modifications. The students boost in self-esteem shines through. This is thanks to Mrs. Browne believing in her abilities. Mrs. Browne has been a stepping stone to these students success. I have known Mrs. Browne to always in contact with parents, always keeping them informed about their children. She is adaptable, friendly, and empathetic and it is clear she loves her job. Mrs. Browne sees student’s potential, and gives the student the opportunity to succeed. It is clear that she is passionate about teaching and working with children.”

Aimee Mangum, teacher at Jerome Middle School

Mangum, who has taught for four years in the Jerome School District, was nominated by a middle school team teacher who wrote the following:

“Mrs. Mangum is a selfless, caring teacher. For the last four years she has worked extremely hard to do and advocate for what is best for all students not just her own. Even as a brand new teacher she volunteered for committees and made sure that she was involved in the school as a whole so that she could make informed decisions about her teaching. She worked on making assessments/rubrics for different subjects and then shared them with her team. Everything that she does in the education field is for what she feels is best for her students. She attended RTI, PBIS, and school board meetings, on her own time to better educate herself in order to serve her students. At the Middle School she helps on the behavior committee and again spends a lot of her own time helping other teachers with challenging behavior from students. She is an excellent coworker who offers support and encouragement to her fellow teachers. When she sees students in need she has no problem reaching into her own pocket to make sure her students do not go without. She has purchased clothes, food, and school supplies, with her own money, so the students are better prepared to learn at school and not just worry where their next meal or dry clothes will come from. Once when she couldn’t get a hold of a parent she drove to their work to talk to them and help them understand what types of things she felt would help that specific child succeed in school. I feel this teacher is the definition of the Excellence in Education with how she goes above and beyond for her students, her school, and her town. Mrs. Mangum is also an active part of the Jerome Booster club and has spent countless hours of her own time and money, volunteering in places like the concession stand at the football games, countless booster meetings, as well as making food for coaches’ meetings and taking the meal to Twin Falls and other places.”

Lisa Peterson, special education paraprofessional at Jerome Middle School

Peterson has been with the Jerome School District for 14 years and was nominated by a middle school special education teacher, who wrote the following:

“Mrs. Peterson overcomes personal adversity each day and puts the student’s needs in front of her own as she makes sure they are getting a high quality education. Mrs. Peterson monitor’s the Health Care Plans, and Behavior Plans with regard to Medicaid billing. In addition she executes a regular probe schedule of the students IEP goals. The attention to detail that she is capable of providing ensures that the students continue to grow and learn in the areas that the IEP team has determined are essential for the child’s development. In addition her meticulous maintaining of accurate billing records help increase financial resources which help to deliver essential services to her students. Mrs. Peterson is a person of high moral character and is an outstanding role model for her students and peers. She is highly respected in the building and community. She will advocate for students and their needs often bringing a much needed perspective to the student’s developmental progress.”

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