Primary education on top in Congress manifesto

The Congress has pledged to bring in universal primary education in its 2019 manifesto. Following the dictum of education being a “public good”, the party promises to provide free and compulsory school education in public schools in the country, removing fees of any form.

In addition to that, the party also promises to equip classrooms till Class 10 with library, laboratory, playground, toilets, drinking water, etc. The party also promises to raise the number of Kendriya Vidyalayas and Navodaya Vidyalayas. The party also plans to increase spending on education to 6 per cent of the GDP in the coming years.

To bring succour to college goers with educational loans, the party also plans to come up with a system where interest is waived off till the students start earning.

“The party’s manifesto is drafted with the idea that education should be provided for every child, and the nature of education provided should be of uniform quality across the country,” said a party leader working on the manifesto.

The party also plans to bring in the idea of using digitised methods of education in classrooms.

The party also plans to outlaw electoral bonds, which allows for unaccounted donations from corporates. In the discussion is also a National Election Fund, aimed to bring in public funding and credibility to the election process.

Apart from that, digital rights to every citizen and free access to the internet also feature in the draft manifesto. To reach out to their Northeastern voters, the party is promising minimum wages for tea workers in the region.

People involved in the manifesto process said that the final draft of the manifesto is being vetted at the moment, and the party is likely to make an announcement soon. The party’s 22-member manifesto team closed in the consultation process in February after holding 176 consultations across 56 cities in 24 states and Union Territories. Sources said that an email ID, created for manifesto suggestions, elicited 31,000 emails, and 1.6 lakh signatures were garnered on online petitions floated by the public to ensure certain suggestions in the manifesto.

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