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As Joy Jones spoke about the influence of good and evil over her everyday decisions, an audience of more than a thousand people scribbled notes, laughed and listened with rapt attention.

“Man and woman are God’s creations, and we were given the power and agency to act. But there would be no acting without first being enticed,” she said.

The Primary general president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the main devotional speaker at the Marriott Center at Brigham Young University on Tuesday.

Her speech focused on decision-making and the ability to choose between good and bad daily decisions.

“Enticements in our daily lives are inevitable. How we view them makes all the difference,” Jones said. “Obviously, we cannot completely control the events that come at us daily, but we can indeed control the worthwhileness of those events.”

The devotional was a part of the 96th annual BYU Education Week, with classes and speakers planned for the next three days.

Throughout her address, Jones used examples from her life and the church’s scriptures to illustrate the oppositions and influences present in life.

She recounted one experience when she felt terrible after receiving a ticket for speeding. After realizing she was choosing to let her thoughts “slip into darkness,” Jones said she prayed for forgiveness and felt more at peace.

“I believe the key to transcending a negative enticement is to begin praying as soon as we recognize what is happening,” she continued. 

She also shared an experience when her husband and daughter picked up a towed car. Instead of arguing with the tow owner, Jones said her husband decided to be friendly instead.

“Enticements, tribulations and tests, when endured well, are followed by blessings,” she explained. “It is what we do with those enticements that prepare us for the adversities that come in our lives. Enticements are the practice round for when the great adversities come.”

The event will continue through the week as BYU instructors and experts from various fields of study come to teach more than 1,000 classes on gospel subjects and topics like marriage and family, health, communication, finance, history and personal development.

Classes last for 55 minutes, with breaks between classes for 25 minutes. All classes are first come, first seated.

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