Primary school highlighted in review of education excellence

CHAPELFORD Village Primary School has been used as an example of best practice in education in the Parliamentary Review.

The review outlines areas of excellence and relevant issues for teachers, communities and policymakers. It is featured alongside commentary on the sector from former education secretary and review chairman Lord Blunkett.

The school is still relatively new, only having opened in 2013 and has seen the number of pupils attending increase significantly in those years.

The review states: “The school has treasured being able to educate more children but this rapid growth has provided certain challenges, as well as opportunities, for the school.

“All in all, this has meant that rapid transformations have occurred at the school.”

Head teacher Joanne Hewson, said: “We saw the impending growth of the school as an opportunity for further transformation. “We wanted to enhance the culture and expectation in a push to become an exceptional school.

“Pupil growth in recent years has also required rapid growth for teaching and support staff. We have had to ensure that staff new to the profession or the school are attracted, developed and supported appropriately.

“We have achieved this through a number of means. This includes effective partnerships with Schools Direct students.

“We are proud to have converted to academy status in January and are now a part of the Omega Multi-Academy Trust. We look forward to forging effective partnerships that will support the future developments of the school, and creating a thorough curriculum that prioritises pupils’ learning.

“A capacity to further improve the quality of learning and teaching is now a strength of our community.

“This has been achieved by developing individuals across the school, creating responsibility and drive at all levels of the organisation, and using transparent processes to measure and monitor learning.”

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