Pros and Cons of Using AI in the E-Learning Process

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AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. It is the technology which is able to perform the tasks that require human intelligence. Artificial Intelligence development in E-Learning is a good step towards progress. But apart from merits, there are demerits too. In this article, we will discuss the merits and demerits of AI. How AI can be helpful in E-Learning and what the demerits of AI are.

Pros of using AI in the E-Learning process

  1. Private doubt clearing

    Most of the students hesitate to ask a question to the teacher in a classroom. Due to which they cannot understand the concept of the question clearly. The reason behind this is the fear of looking stupid among other students. This is one of the demerits of the traditional classrooms.

    One to one tutoring can be the solution to this problem. In such a tutoring practice, a single teacher is available for a single student. Here the student is free to ask any type of questions to the teacher. Hence, one to one tutoring can help students develop concepts better.

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the E-Learning is such a type of tutoring approach. The AI allows students to ask the questions privately or in a forum of students with the similar content.

  2. Real-time Querying

    A student can have doubt any time while studying. Also, the teacher is not available for clearing the doubts all the time. In such a case, Artificial Intelligence can help students clearing their doubts.

    Students who face doubts can upload their queries to an E-Learning platform. The AI will solve their doubts in the real time. The AI will read the queries of the students, analyze them, and give a solution in the real time. Moreover, the Artificial Intelligence also an explanation and advice to the students.

  3. AI will provide the relevant content

    The Artificial Intelligence system also helps students getting the relevant content for their projects, debates, etc.

    Students can provide the directions to the assistant to get the relevant content. For example, “I have to give a speech on the environment” or “Provide me with resources for environment quiz.” The AI will then show all the content related to the environment.

    The process may take some time but the students will get the good quality content. Hence, this will help the students to get relevant content for their projects.

  4. Animation

    An animation is a creative approach to the E-Learning. Since students can learn more effectively with the help of practical examples as compared to the theoretical approach. The animation in E-Learning will help in boosting the learning capability of the students.

    AI uses animation to explain the concepts to the students. This will help students grasping the concepts more effectively.

    It is also possible to develop apps that deal in AI. Hence, this may increase the demand for top app developers in the market.

  5. Virtual Reality

     VR or Virtual Reality also supports E-Learning. The VR in E-Learning helps students learn things in a smarter way.

    The VR is a smart approach to the E-Learning. It creates an imaginative environment related to the topic. This provides the deep knowledge to the students. Hence, with the help of Virtual Reality students can learn the difficult content easily.

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Cons of using AI in the E-Learning process

  1. AI is expensive

    AI is an expensive approach to the E-Learning programs. Besides the cost of installation, it also requires the cost of maintenance and repair. Hence, only the schools with good financial background support the AI.

    Apart from this, due to its expensive installation, students have to pay more charges for the same. Hence, it is not possible for all the students to enrol in E-Learning programs.

    Therefore, the cost of AI in E-Learning makes it unavailable for financially weak students.

  2. Addiction

    Even though the AI in E-Learning is a good approach to make learning fun, it may lead to addiction. We are living in a world where we are dependent on the machines. We need machines to complete our everyday tasks.

    There is a possibility that the students may addict towards the technology. This addiction towards technology will give rise to certain problems. For example, the addiction may give birth to sleeplessness. This condition is called Insomnia. This will affect the mental ability of the students.

  3. Lack of confidence and decision making

    Computers are getting smarter day by day. The AI will help students providing the content for debates, reports, etc. Hence, this makes students completely rely on the AI.

    Let’s take a situation in which a student is told to write an article on women empowerment. Instead of writing his own thoughts, he will take the help of AI. In this context, AI will provide him with the relevant data.

    As a result of this, the thinking ability of the student will get reduced. Moreover, this will also lower the confidence level of the student.

    Hence, classrooms are the best place to build the confidence in a student.

  4. Unemployment

    The Artificial Intelligence in E-Learning is a good step towards development. But, it leads to the unemployment.

    The increase in the demand of the Artificial Intelligence will lead to the less demand for teachers.

    For example, if the Artificial Intelligence is capable of providing a quality content to the students. Why do the schools hire a separate teaching staff for the same?

  5. Loss of Information

    Since a huge information is embedded into Artificial Intelligence. It is possible that the information may be lost due to a technical fault.


Every coin has two faces. Hence, besides advantages, there are also limitations of AI in E-Learning. Implementing the Ai in E-Learning is a good approach. But, we should not rely completely on AI.

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