Protestors rally all morning in Berkeley County Board of Education’s parking lot

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. – Representatives from Berkeley County’s Board of Education approached protestors in their parking lot Monday morning.

“We have to change our focus from this is everything that’s going wrong to what as a community can we do to make this better,” said Rally Organizer Laura Williams. “I would like to see a panel or a group that parents, or teachers or anyone that’s in a bullying environment can come to that panel and they will thoroughly investigate what is going on.”

Williams explained that the previous audio recordings of bullying and verbal abuse stemming from the Berkeley Heights Elementary incident is something that might be happening in all schools, so she and other mothers demand to be a voice for the voiceless.

“It’s across the board, you have teachers being bullied by students and people say the bullies are bad people, no, especially the students they are not bad people,” said Williams. “They need help. If you don’t accept that they are bullying, then how are we supposed to help the people who are doing the bullying. If you think your child is being bullied, by all means, hide a listening device on them because then they cannot say this did not happen.”

Earlier in May, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey sought to add claims against the Berkeley Heights Elementary Principal, Deputy Superintendent and Berkeley County’s Board of Education.

“I feel that they have really let our special ed department down as a whole and I’m actually fighting directly for my son too,” said Rally Participant Tiffany Walch. “I feel that the Board of Education isn’t going to make any better decisions as the years go on.”

Berkeley County Board of Education declined to make any kind of comment.

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