Pupils learn to become legends of the internet from Google to avoid hackers, phishers and paedophiles

PUPILS learned how to avoid hackers, scammers and bullies during a session hosted by Google.

Children at Millbrook Primary were taught the essentials of how to stay safe online as part of a new scheme, called Be Internet Legends.

It was launched by Google in partnership with internet safe experts, Parent Zone.

Rosie Luff, online safety public policy manager at Google said: “By getting acquainted with what we believe are the core areas of online safety, we want to prepare children to have a safe and positive experience online.”

Swindon MP Robert Buckland, who was at the presentation, said: “It is important that internet safety is taught at an early age, to ensure that our children have a safe and positive experience online and an interactive assembly is a great way to do this.

“The children will be able to continue their learning with PHSE Association accredited schemes of work provided to the school, featuring lesson plans and certificates.

“I am very supportive about the measures taken to encourage internet safety.

“It’s important to talk about the benefits of the internet, but we also have to tell young people about the dangers.

“Today’s generation has grown up with it and they need to understand the potential harms. There are several dangers such as sharing private pictures that weren’t supposed to be shared. Internet is straightforward. It’s a world that comes into your house.”

Google conducted research with hundreds of teachers to learn more about their experience with internet safety in school.

The programme is aimed at seven to 11 year olds as part of their personal, social and health education and has reached more than a million children across the UK.

During the presentation, the Google team highlighted five key pillars – protecting personal stuff, respecting each other online, checking whether something is real, thinking before sharing and discussing when in doubt.

And children were introduced to an adventure game, Interland, that provides safety tools in a fun and informative way.

Internet threats have emerged in Swindon, with Liden Primary and Nursery school recently issuing a letter about the danger of a viral suicide game, the Momo challenge, which was a hoax but caused nationwide concern and prompted a child behaviour expert to call for schools to ban smart phones for under 13s.

Vicki Shoftbolt, founder and CEO of Parent Zone added: “It is essential that, from a young age, children learn to think carefully and critically about what they see and do online.

“Parent zone has teamed with Google to teach children the tools they need to keep them safer, spot scams and unkind behaviour and to understand how their online actions can affect others. These are vital skills for being confident in the digital age.”

Parents can also take steps to protect by setting up parental control systems to filter websites and unwanted content.

For information visit: beinternetlegends.withgoogle.com/en_uk

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