Red Carpet Welcome, Whitethorn Primary School

Whitethorn Primary School welcomed their students back from their summer break, red carpet style. 

As the students exited their school buses, they were greeted by their teachers, walking the red carpet before entering the school. 

“Sometimes when kids are coming back from summer break, they are a little apprehensive,” said Brittany Anderson, Principal of Whitethorn Primary. “We want to build up that energy level and get them excited about coming back into the building.”

But the big surprise, athletes from Bluefield College and Bluefield State, were surrounding the red carpet. The Bluefield State basketball team, Bluefield College football team and the Bluefield State Cheerleaders, showed up ready, cheering on the kids. 

“I felt excited,” said Rod White, Assistant Coach for Bluefield College football. “I know our players were a lot more excited than the kids were early in the morning but we’re use to getting up early. We just like seeing the kids.”

 “We just wanted to make sure we welcomed them back, especially being student athletes,” said Rodney Kasey, Assistant Coach for Bluefield State basketball. “We want to let them know this is what it’s all about, getting their education.”

Taylin Francisco is a second grader at Whitethorn Primary. She was surprised to see all the people, surrounding the red carpet. 

“I was laughing because it was fun,” said Taylin. 

Today was the first day of school for kids, in Mercer County. 

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